Face Behind the Store Series - 3: GABRIELS

Face Behind the Store - 3: GABRIELS

It was the water and centrality of Cambridge that coaxed Fay and Warren Haakma to the Waikato. 

“We’re from New Plymouth and love the ‘Naki, but we love Cambridge more,” Fay said. “We decided to head north about 20 months ago to be nearer our children and the water, and it was a no-brainer to pick Cambridge.”

With a background in hairdressing, retail store ownership and defensive driving teaching, Fay started casting her eyes around for the next venture. Gabriels Fashion Shop came on the market, and she and Warren saw it as the perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun while becoming part of the Cambridge community. 

“We sell women’s clothing, shoes and footwear, haberdashery, accessories and hosiery,” Fay said. “My favourite thing about owning the store is helping ladies look and feel their best, without it costing a million dollars.

“I really like helping people fit shoes and clothes that work really well for them and their wardrobe – playing with really nice people and pretty things.”

And what’s the most-loved part about Cambridge?

“Of course the central location, and the laidbackness and village feel – it’s a really friendly and happy place. 

“We’re really proud and happy to call Cambridge home.”


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