Help our Cambridge retail and business community thrive

​There’s never been a more important time
to support local.

Lockdown 2.0 has once again greatly impacted on our local businesses and we face another challenge that calls for us to work together. 

Many of our local businesses have suffered after having to close their doors
throughout lockdown and now is the time to support them - with the simple act of buying local. 

We’re incredibly lucky to have on our doorstep pretty much everything we need. We can rebuild a strong, resilient Cambridge economy by making the commitment to buy local when possible. 

If every adult in Cambridge spent just $10 a week in their local independent shops, instead of online or in the city, it would be worth an extra $6 million a year to our town’s economy. That means more jobs, better facilities and a more self-sufficient town with a more secure future. 

Let’s be conscious consumers, giving thought to where our money is going each
time we buy - to the offshore retail giant putting cash in the coffers of its shareholders, or to your neighbour who gives your son his first Saturday job, sponsors your daughter’s netball team and spends their own wages buying from your business right here in town. 

You have the power to vote with your wallet with each and every purchase you make. 

Whatever you need, you’ll find it right here in Cambridge.

Cambridge boasts a huge array of retail stores, service providers, producers and professionals. Just about everything you’ll ever need can be found right here in our own town and we’d love to keep it that way. 

We’ve created this directory to let you know what’s on offer and connect you
with local businesses that can help you, while you help them too. 

Because, as a community, we’re all in this together. 

We'd like to thank the following for their assistance in producing this website:


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