Face Behind the Store Series - 2: DANTE'S FINE FOODS

Face Behind the Store Series - 2: DANTE'S FINE FOODS

Dante’s Fine Foods – and fine all round, really. 

In the heart of Duke Street, Dante’s has been owned by local lass Kelly Mita-Skeet for just over a year.

“My favourite thing about owning the store is interacting with all the different types of people that walk through the door,” Kelly said. “And just finding those special things that they want to eat, that they remember from their childhood, or helping them experience a different taste they’re not used to. And then, of course, everyone leaving with that warm fuzzy feeling and a bag full of goodies.”

And goodies they have – galore. It’s a cornucopia of the world’s finest flavours, hand-picked from more than 30 countries. Dutch liquorice, Italian pasta, Indian spices, South African biltong… Dante’’s is brimming with the very best. 

Born and bred in East Coast Hawkes Bay, Kelly moved to the ‘Bridge 20 years ago to play rugby and netball. She met her now-husband and settled down, setting up home – and now shop. 

“We now have four staff,” Kelly said. “Myself, two girls Cait and Sam, and I’m really lucky to have my younger sister Kodeane here too.”

Moving to Cambridge when she was 16, Kodeane finished her last year-and-a-half at Cambridge High School. 

“Since then I’ve been between Cambridge and Hamilton doing a few bits and pieces,” Kodeane said. “And now it’s me and Kel doing the sister thing in the shop.

“That’s what is so cool about Cambridge; you go into a store and you’re going to meet the boss, or the sister, or a cousin, or the neighbor – it’s a really nice vibe.”

Kelly also loves the personal touch to Cambridge’s collection of cool, quirky shops.

“And what I really love about Cambridge is how central it is, and how it’s growing. There’s a really diverse range of people here.”

So for the apex of array in goodies from around the globe, Dante’s Fine Foods is the place to go. 


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