How's your nutrition?

Health 2000 Cambridge can help you make better nutritional, lifestyle and environmental choices with a 15 minute hair follicle scan.

How it works:

Four follicles of your hair are digitally processed at the initial 15 minute appointment.

The data is sent securely to a German super-computer which maps over 800 key wellness indicators and charts the information which makes up your 90 day wellness plan.

The price for this is just $80.

And then you get a 20 minute follow-up naturopathic consultation free! The Health 2000 Cambridge Naturopath will discuss with you nutritional, dietary, lifestyle and environmental considerations to help you achieve optimum wellness.

To make an appointment, contact the Health 2000 Cambridge naturopath Karen Walling, on 07 823 2000 or drop into the store at 70A Victoria Street.


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