Living your best life in the town of
trees and champions

We’ve got it good here in Cambridge - plenty of space in the middle of the North Island’s rural heartland and many of us even have room for a few animals. Our ideal kiwi lifestyle means there’s always one or two jobs to be done around the garden and property and luckily Cambridge has everything you need to keep on top of your weekend projects. 

Whether you’re looking for seedlings, hedging, fruit trees or a few bags of compost, our garden centres will sort you out and if you’re the DIY type, you’ll find all the tools and materials you need right here in town (and people to service and repair them). 

There are animal feed stores and farm suppliers to keep you stocked up and our vets are experienced, caring and capable of dealing with all kinds of animals - furry, feathered or thoroughbred. 

Browse our listings and discover the locals helping you to live your best life. 


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