What can Live Blood tell you? Health 2000 Cambridge

You soon realise Health 2000 Cambridge is more than a health supplement store. Every month they have experienced health partners coming into the store to offer services that would not normally be available locally.

I was so interested to learn about live blood analysis. The 'What can your blood tell you?' service is about screening your live blood under a microscope. Giving a small drop of blood can identify health issues and deficiencies you may have. Health 2000 Cambridge can then tailor a more focused approach to your health. The next screening is coming to Cambridge in April, see below to book your appointment and get your health back on track.

Who doesn't love a fabulous facial!

Health 2000 Cambridge regularly has in-store events with 'Living Nature' - a New Zealand natural beauty range. You can receive a luxury facial for only $20 during these events! This is refundable if you buy 2 or more Living Nature products on the day, basically giving you a FREE facial! I am definitely going to book in. Booking is essential because its always a popular event. The next one is April 14th. You can phone or drop in to reserve your space.
This store has a huge collection of the most trusted NZ health products for your immune system, joint care, detox, weight management, sports, beauty and so much more. With three Medical Herbalists on hand, Health 2000 Cambridge offers a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

Health 2000 Cambridge have the natural health answers!


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