Face Behind the Store Series - 6: Heritage Gallery!

A studio potter herself, it was friends adding their weaving and painting and woodwork to her home collection that drew Sandra Webb into owning Heritage Gallery. 

“The shop is an extension of that,” she said. “It just sort of grew.

“And I loved the retail side, the people. A friend had a shop in Hamilton that she was about to shut the doors on, so I persuaded her to join forces. Three years on she retired, so I moved from where Instone is to this bigger space, and here we are.”

A Cambridge thoroughbred, Sandra was born at Penmarric House in Hamilton Road. Educated in Cambridge, she left at 17-years-old to go nursing. 

“I said I’d never come back to this little town,” she said. “But then I married a guy from Cambridge. We schooled our kids here, and one even still lives here.”

Because she loves the vibrancy and the buzziness of the place. 

“You can’t beat it,” she said. “It’s still got that village feel, although it’s expanded. It’s good for business and friends and socialising and sport; what else could you want? Cambridge has got it all.” 


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