Face Behind the Store - 5: Stirling Sports!

Cambridge Stirling Sports owner Sarah Nicholls loves Cambridge. 

“It’s beautiful and full of lovely people,” she enthuses. “And I really appreciate people’s desire to shop locally and to support local businesses.

“I also love the access to nature and the fact that it’s so central – you can be at the beach or at the mountains in no more than half a day.”

It was this love that drew her and partner Hayden to open Stirling Sports in Cambridge’s main street in July 2016. 

“Cambridge is my home. I knew I would like to work in a business of my own in the town that I love rather than go out of town.”

And now two years strong, the pair employ three other local girls – Victoria, Imogen and Sophie. 

“They’re all fantastic,” Sarah says. “And they will help you in any way they can.”


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